All The Inside News On The Bachelor Premier

Bring out the crazy’s, beauties and a mini horse. If you missed last nights premier of The Bachelor with Ben Higgins you missed a lot!

In his search for love, Higgins the star of season 20 had drama, craziness and a an unwanted kiss on the first night. Ben’s heart is up for grabs by 28 ladies, including a very tipsy troublemaker and two veterans of the show.

I can’t believe he kept a girl named Lace. She ripped him to pieces because he did not make “eye contact” with him during the rose ceremony, however he did give her his last

Also to the girl dismay two veterans of the show Becca Tilley and Amber James, who appeared on Chris Soules‘ “Bachelor” season, returned to try love with Ben.

Becca is best known as the virgin of Soules’ season and came in second.

Ben said this journey is about “Finding my wife will make me a better man,” he says. “I can’t wait to meet the future Mrs. Higgins.”

Ben seeks advice from previous Bachelors Soules, Sean Lowe, and Jason Mesnick before meeting the ladies. Soules who was know for kissing almost all the ladies advice was”Kiss them all.”

A few crazy contestants include a set of blonde twins Emily and Laley, a crazy dentist Mandi who wore a giant home made rose on her head, an Afghanistan military veteran Jubilee, a chicken enthusiast named Tiara who seriously thought about not coming because she loves her chickens too much, Joelle, a girl who wore a unicorn mask; a Texas cowgirl named Maegan who brought her mini horse (which Chris Harrison feel in love with) and a Russian girl Shushanna who we are still not sure if she can speak English since she spoke Russian the entire night.

The lady who stole the night and snagged Ben’s “first impression rose” is blonde former news anchor Olivia.

These words describe this season best “fifty shades of crazy,” said Caila.

I guess we will have to see how this turns out by tuning in. “The Bachelor” airs Monday on ABC.


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