5 Activities To Do On A Snow Day

  1. Obviously the first thing that should be on your list is to get outdoors and play in the snow! Take your kids outdoors and build that snowman you have been talking about. Then warm up inside with some hot coco.
  2. Go Sledding! Since it rarely snows in DFW get out that sled and give it a push down one of your neighborhood hills.  This will give the kiddos plenty of exercise to tire them out for the evening.
  1. Have A Camp Out. A camp out indoors that is. Snuggle up by a fire and build a canopy tent that you and your kids can enjoy together. Pinterest has all sorts of fun ways to build your own. Then I suggest roasting some marshmallows to go with more hot coco.
  1. Get The Glue, Crayons and Glitter Out To Craft The Day Away. This is great family time. Maybe you can recreate that fabulous snowman you built earlier that day or draw your firnds sledding down the hills. Whatever you make, a snow day is the perfect time to release some creativity, rather than just playing video games.
  1. Get to baking. Baking is another great way to bond with your kids. Christmas may be over, but that does not mean you can not make snow flake, snowman and Santa cookies.

Stay cozy as we prepare for more winter to come.


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