Tommy Hilfiger Creates Clothing Line For Kids With Disabilites

Tommy Hilfiger has always been on the forefront of American fashion and the brand is taking it to a whole new level. Kids with disabilities can not always wear the latest fashion due to limited functionality, but Tommy Hilfiger has found away to fix this.

The clothing brand partnered with Runway of Dreams, founded by Mindy Scheier, a mom whose’s own son suffers from muscular dystrophy. Her brand focuses on the needs of children with disabilities.

The new collection has the same pieces as his regular kids clothing, but has been modified to fit more comfortably for kids with disabilities. Things modified include, magnets instead of buttons or zippers, adjustable waistbands, and altered sleeve and pant lengths.

“There are magnets down the backs of the T-shirts, for example, so you can go in hands first,” Scheier said. “Putting a shirt on over your head if you have low muscle tone or missing digits can be a very difficult task. That’s really the amazing thing about this — it’s incredibly inclusive,” Scheier told the Today Show. “It makes dressing themselves easier. Or, if a child isn’t able to dress themselves, then it makes it easier from a parent’s or caregiver’s perspective.”

The fashion designer Scheier went on to say:

“If you think about it, we have petite departments, plus-size departments, even pets’ clothing departments! But we have nothing for the disabled community. I think that feels like the next natural step. It’s going to be our new normal.”

The collection can be found online and prices prices range from $18.50 to $42.50. The line features polos, T-shirts, collared shirts, jeans and dresses.

Amazing Tommy Hilfiger! Way to step up.



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