Erin Andrews $55 Million Lawsuit Will Take Only $6 Million Home

No sooner did Erin Andrews win her lawsuit for $55 million, she will never get a cent from pervert Michael Barrett, who is in for $28 million and Marriott is responsible for $27 million.

Marriott of course will appeal the verdict, which will no doubt end in some sort of settlement. Andrews will most likely take a settlement due to the fact that she was not physically injured and sufferer only emotional distress according to the courts.

According to TMZ sources, predictions are Marriott will settle somewhere around $20 million, but with lawyer fees Erin would lose 40%.

Now the really stinky part, is that besides paying her lawyers a small fortune, she is also responsible to costs of the case which could total up to $1 million and the money is taxable. After taxes and all expenses it most likely she will take home only $6 million of the orignal $55 million. Ouch Uncle Sam.



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