Spoilers Of The Bachelor Finale If You Missed It

The Bachelor‘s finale was last night with heart throb Ben Higgins and the question on everyone’s mind is who will he pick and will he propose?  On last nights episode, Ben experiences some friction with JoJo Fletcher on his date in Jamaica.

Ben, 26, and JoJo, 24, spend the day swimming before their conversation takes a serious turn.

“There are certain things that we

haven’t really talked about when you think about the future, and I just feel like, if there’s anything left that I need to say to him, today’s my last chance,” the Dallas-based real estate developer says.

She continues the conversation with this won’t be easy, but she is willing to do what it takes and trusts him. JoJo tells Ben, “I have so much faith in you and I. … So you feel good?”

However, Ben response to the question of how do you feel about the after with, “Um, that’s a loaded question.”

In the end, Ben did not pick JoJo, but now she is the Bachelorette! 



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