Beyonce Sues Texas Based Feyonce Brand

The label Feyonce is not associated with Beyonce which is why she is taking the Texas firm to court claiming the label is too near to her own trademarked name and confuses customers and fans and damages her reputation.

The singer also says in court papers filed in Manhattan that the company has ignored her requests to stop. The docs accuse the fashion brand of “trademark infringement, unfair competition, trademark dilution, among a score of other statutory and common law violations”.

Based out of San Antonio the company states, “Defendants have willfully traded upon the goodwill and notoriety of Beyonce, arguably one of the most famous musical artists and entrepreneurs in the world.”

Queen B says the firm’s activities will cause “irreparable harm” to her business reputation and the goodwill associated with her brand since she has no control over what products they sell. 

The docs highlight one specific item, a mug with writing “Feyonce: He put a ring on it.”

Andre Maurice, one defendant in the case is said to have registered two trademarks under the Feyonce name, one with and one without an accented “e”.

Beyonce has trademarks for all sort of things including her songs, likeness, clothing, perfume and mugs. 

She has also threatened to taked legal action against Etsy for featuring coffee mugs also marked Feyonce.

Since Beyonce ‘runs the world,’ we will see how this one pans out. 


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