Retired Triple Crown Champion American Pharoah Is Racking In The Cash During Retirement By Getting Laid

Last year’s Triple Crown winner, American Pharoah is enjoying his retirement by getting it on with more than 100 mares. Not only does he get the pleasure of  mating with two to three horses a day, seven days a week, his owners also gets a handsome fee of $200,000 for every healthy foal.

Do the math and that’s more than $20 million that is due to the stud and he’s only about halfway through his first breeding season.

American Pharoah won $8.7 million in his career, when he won 9 of 11 races, but I guess retirement is where you make the big dough. He became the first Triple Crown winner in the last 37 years.

The largest stud fee in history is $1 million that Northern Dancer was getting near the end of his stud career in the mid 1980s. The market for horses has changed since then.

“There’s a little more restraint among buyers on the high end of the market,” said Hammonds. “They won’t spend the crazy money any more. And that changes the market for stud fees.”

I don’t think you are doing too bad. I wish you a long life of running in the pastures and matting. You’ve earned it American Pharoah.


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