See The Speech, Robert De Niro Jokes He’d Be ‘All Over’ Jennifer Lawrence If He Was A Lesbian!

Over the past few years, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro have appeared in three movies together and it is no surprise that they are more like father-daughter than co-stars. But now, De Niro wants more than father-daughter he wants to date Lawrence, that is if he was a lesbian.

See the pair bonding at the GLAAD Awards.

On Saturday, the X-Men: Apocalypse star presented “one of the greatest actors who’s ever lived” with the Excellence in Media Award.

With a straight face, the actress quipped to the crowd:

“Robert De Niro is not gay, so I don’t know why we’re here. That aside, Bob has asked me to present him with GLAAD’s Excellence in Media Award because, in his words, I am like a daughter to him… GLAAD and Bob have a lot in common. They’re both gay. Just kidding. I was told by five different people to cut that and I was like, ‘Hell, no.‘”

She continued:

“His heart is so giving and with his own quiet strength, it’s no wonder that this man, and the incredible organization that is GLAAD, would come together tonight.”

Once he got on stage to collect the award, De Niro thanked Lawrence for her words and responded:

“Thank you, Jen. If I were a lesbian, I’d be all over you. Being a father figure has its limitations. Jennifer Lawrence is not only a great actress, she’s a respectful and loving friend.”


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