Former ‘The Biggest Loser’ Contestants Want The Show To Be “Done, Canceled, Destroyed!”

According to former contestants, “The Biggest Loser” is a big fat failure.

“The show needs to be done, canceled, destroyed,” Season 2’s Suzanne Mendonca told The Post on Sunday.

“They look at us like we’re failures today, but we were not going to succeed. They threw us away like yesterday’s garbage,” she said on the day. The Post revealed allegations that some of the show’s workers pushed illegal diet pills on contestants while encouraging them to starve themselves.

Season 3’s Kai Hibbard also called for an end to the reality show, which has run for 17 seasons.

“The show should’ve been canceled 10 years ago,” the ex-contestant said.

“To continue this body-shaming physically and psychologically damaging monstrosity with future contestants in light of this current study and others is irresponsible and unconscionable,” Hibbard said.

Mendonca said she and about 10 to 15 other former contestants are shopping around for a lawyer to bring a class-action lawsuit against the show.

“Nobody should be able to get away with this stuff,” she said.

Hibbard said such a lawsuit wouldn’t be “unreasonable,” but asked, “How do you put a price on a permanently damaged metabolism and the long term psychological repercussions?”

Mendonca said contestants were encourages to take extreme measures to lose weight and five contestants were taken to the hospital in her season after passing out.

How do you feel about the show and should it be cancelled?



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