Insane Bodycam Footage Shows Firefighters Saving A Construction Worker From Burning Building In Houston Seconds Before It Collapses To The Ground

Dramatic bodycam footage that has just been released shows firefighters  saving a construction worker from the burning Houston building just seconds before it collapsed to the ground in March 2014.

This man is lucky to be alive. Construction supervisor, Curtis Reissig went to the roof of the Axis Apartments to stop a small fire and soon became trapped as the flames spread around him. In order to escape being burned he made the decision to jump from the roof to a balcony below.

Soon after his insane drop, firefighter are shown on their bodycams bring the ladder toward to trapped man where he jumped on and they pulled the ladder away.

Seconds later the entire building collapses.

The footage, obtained by KHOU, shows just how close the building came to collapsing on Reissig and the firefighter that helped him off the ledge.

The rescue was captured by a camera inside a pair of glasses worn by Firefighter Dwayne Wyble.

He had no idea what he was about to record.

“You never know what you’re going to see,” Wyble told KHOU.

“I thought they’re going to find my body right here,” recalled Reissig. “They’re going to find me dead right here.”

“I could see, as they say, your life flash before your eyes,” said Reissig. “I saw my mom, my wife, my loved ones. I saw all them and I said I’ve got to get out of this.”

You gotta hurry,” Wyble told firefighters as they started up the ladder.

“It’s the first time we’ve even seen anything like that,” he recalled how fast the fire spread.

Reissig, couldnot believe the footage as he watched it for the first time.

“Oh man, look at that,” he said.

“We got to get him quick,” Wyble thought.

Wyble felt their were “Seconds” left to rescue the man and he was right.


While investigators say it started on the roof of the complex, they were not able to determine an exact cause yet.

Check out the footage


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