Man Wearing ‘#1 DAD’ T-shirt Uses Daughter As Human Shield To Avoid Getting Tasered

This guy is definitely not dad of the year. Kentucky police are searching for a man that fled from a police station after using his daughter as an “human shield” when an officer tried to Taser him. The man was wearing a T-shirt that said “#1 Dad”.

Jonathan Morrow entered the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department to file an emergency protective order against his wife. Police said Morrow was upset after his wife ran off to Ohio with a man she had met on the internet.

“He basically told me he was afraid his wife was going to kill him,” Sheriff Dwayne Price told ABC News. “He was afraid for his own safety, as well as his three kids.”

While at the station, officers said Morrow gave them a false social security number, and discovered he was wanted by police in Tennessee.

“He said, ‘Oh, I might have messed up two numbers’, and Deputy Danny Martin told him, no, this is your social security number. You have a warrant on you in Tennessee,” he said.

When the man tried to leave the building police tried to stop him using a Taser.

“Initially, when he started running, he picked up his child, and actually tried to use her as a human shield,” Mr Martin said. “I didn’t have a clear shot with it. So, I had to make sure she was safe.”

Morrow was hit and push his daughter into his SUV and speed off.

“For us, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack,” said Mr Price from the police department. “He could be anywhere.”



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