VIDEO: Miss California Speaks Out After Her Public Flub On Miss USA And It’s Pretty Hilarious

Miss California totally bombed her question during the Miss USA 2016 pageant, but hours later the 20-year-old was able to laugh about the embarrassment.

Nadia Mejia and Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough performed a fun spin of the group’s 1999 hit, ‘I Want It That Way,’ replacing lyrics with a funny bash at herself.

MOOOOOOOD @backstreetboys @howie_dorough #missusa #misscaliforniausa2016

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Mejia got pretty stumped when fashion photographer Nigel Barker asked about economic inequality in America, “How do we narrow the gap between the rich and the poor?”  After approximately 10 seconds of uncomfortable silence Miss Cali finally spoke.

“When it comes to social and economic equality, I think that the rich and the poor need to stop being so segregated.”

Humm, maybe she should have just kept her mouth shut.

“I think there is a middle class. I think that the rich need to…” she paused.

She took a deep breath, she continued, “I think that the rich need to be able to be giving and I think the poor need to work hard and I think the middle class need to come together and find an in-between.”

In the end, Mejia says, “Why can’t the USA see, I don’t know about the economy?”

Good job Cali! Glad you can find the humor.



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