Baylor Assault Victim Says The Coaches Knew About Her Abuse

Baylor graduate Dolores Lozano says former Baylor running back Devin Chafin assaulted her three times and former head coach Art Briles and other coaches knew about it, but did not take action.

According to a statement from Lozano’s attorneys, Chafin “slapped,” “kicked,” “slammed Lozano against the wall,” and “choked Lozano until she lost feeling in her body,” in March of 2014.

Lozano states in April of 2014, Chafin “slammed” her against a vehicle, “forcibly and aggressively grabbed” her and “slammed” her “to he ground.”

She has provided photos to the police, allegedly taken at the time of incidents, which show large bruises on her left arm and shoulder.

Chafin admits he “grabbed” Lozano “because she was fighting me” but claims he “never threw her to the ground, kicked her or choked her.”

Chafin said he never discussed the situation with former head coach Art Briles, but did with current assistant Jeff Lebby.

“Coach Lebby told me to calm down,” Chafin said. “I was emotional. I was crying. I needed to talk to somebody.”

Chafin was recently dismissed by Baylor. He has been arrested and charged with marijuana possession.

Read the detailed Facebook post.

Another alleged cover up from Baylor.


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