The Biggest Television Villain Of All Time Gets The Boot From The Bachelorette

What an intense night on The Bachelorette with JoJo Fletcher.

Spoiler Alert! The show may be over since villain Chad Johnson is finally off the show. Although this makes Bachelorette fans happy, Chad has been the main focus of the show, so it is unclear of where the show will go from here.

If you missed it, the opening of the show repeats Chris Harrison stepping in to tell a Chad to shape up or ship out.

I’m going to fast forward through the pool party JoJo had with the guys instead of a rose ceremony, the group date playing football and go straight to the drama. The moment Bachelor Nation was waiting for is when mortal enemies Chad and Alex went on the dreaded two-on-one date where one of them gets eliminated, all of the men in the house seemed to rally around Alex.

Before the date, Chad threatens Jordan saying he would hunt him down once the show ended. Great! Calm down, bro!!!

Alex and Chad headed out on their date via helicopter and met up with JoJo for a hike. This date is always awkward, but JoJo went straight into asking Alex about Chad. Alex ratted out Chad’s psychotic tendencies and JoJo was fed up. She went immediately to confront the resident bad boy about all of the drama and he didn’t even try to deny it. Thus, Alex scored the date rose.

Chad was completely abandoned and creepily made his way out of the woods as nightfall came back to the house where he rubs his fingers down the glass of the door. Creepy! This is where the show ended, so even though JoJo said see-ya to Chad, he will still make an appearance in next weeks episode.



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