There’s A Japanese ‘Naked Restaurant’ That Bans Overweight Diners

Next month the first Japan’s “naked restaurant” opens in Tokyo next month one big rule! You cannot be too fat.

Following the lead of establishments in London and Melbourne, “The Amrita” — Sanskrit for ‘immortality’ — also has strict age restrictions, only persons between 18 and 60 allowed in. Before being seated each person much check in their clothes and put on paper underwear provided by the restaurant. You also cannot be overweight.  “If you are more than 15 kilograms (33 pounds) above the average weight for your height, we ask you refrain from making a reservation,” a list of rules posted on the restaurant’s website states, explaining that patrons could be weighed if they do not appear to be within the correct weight range.

Guests found to be “overweight” will be refused entry to the restaurant. All payments must be made in advance on an online booking page.

You cannot also touch other visitors or “cause a nuisance to other guests” by touching or talking to fellow diners. Tattooed customers are also not allowed.

Those who are allowed entry to the restaurant will be asked to lock away mobile phones and cameras in a table-top box.

If you are lucky to get tickets and allowed entry it will set you back a cool $750 bucks!



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