Denion Sanders Has Video Proof That His Son Did Not Beat Up His School Staffer

Deion Sanders teenage son, Shilo, was alleged to have beaten one of his high school staffers in 2015.

Now Sanders says no way and he has security video will exonerate his son.

Sanders was sued by an insurance company which claimed it paid $26k in worker’s comp to the employee who was attacked by his son after he confiscated his phone. The man claimed he suffered major injuries and needed spinal surgery.

Deion says the reports are completly false and the “victim” is a “real life grifter.”

“This man used unnecessary force to secure my son’s cell phone,” Deion said in a statement to TMZ Sports.

“He consequently felt ashamed of his actions and apologized to our President and CEO, Leroy McClure, for his actions. He knew he was gonna be dismissed from his job for the way he handled this situation and others prior, consequently, he produced an injury completely UNRELATED to this incident,” said Deion. “To make matters even worst, I had coached junior high baseball with this man and I never knew he saw me as a opportunity or target. I thought I was a friend and coach.”

Sanders adds … “Please check out this video which shows he was the aggressor, not my son, and there was NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH HIM AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE MATTER. This grown man was on top of My son Shilo the entire time during the interaction.”


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