Dead Star Wars Actors Chrysler SUV Had Just Been Recalled, Are They Responsible For His Death?

Anton Yelchin died over this past weekend after his Jeep crushed him between his gate.

TMZ has reported that there was a recall on Yelchin’s vehicle that could have saved his life. Anton’s Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo was tagged for a recall in May, but the manufacturer, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, did not have an actual repair for the e-shifter problem at that point.

Some Jeep dealerships just got the “fix” last week according to documents. If they would have had this piece last month the car may not have rolled on him and crush him to his death.

TMZ reported there was a software download to install an “auto park” feature which would automatically shift the vehicle into park as soon as the driver’s door opens.

There’s no official determination on what happened to Yelchine, but his Jeep was running, and in neutral, when police found his body pinned.




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