Drone Operator Arrested At “Alice Trough The Looking Glass” Premiere For Fear Of Terrorism

A drone operator is being investigated for possible terrorism. The operator was arrested after flying his drone too close to the red carpet at the “Alice Through The Looking Glass” premiere.

The drone operator flew his drone 50 feet above the red carpet at premiere at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. The law requires a drone to be 500 feet from the crowd and 400 feet in the air.

The LAPD searched the area and found the 31-year-old drone operator in a nearby parking garage. The man was arrested, but the LAPD felt it needed to investigate further into the man. The police got a search warrant. The warrant allowed them to  seize the man’s computers, cellphones, tablets, disks, hard drives, videos and other items, to determine if he had any terrorist connections.

The police said that they found no evidence of the man being involved with any terrorism connections.



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