Want To Own A Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Ring? There’s One Up For Auction

One of the most coveted pieces of jewelry a person can own is up for auction, a Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl ring.

Up for sale with Heritage Auctions, former Cowboys coach Robert Ford‘s Super Bowl XXVIII championship ring is for sale. The Cowboys took the win over the Buffalo Bills.

Bidding begins Aug. 5, with the auction falling on Aug. 27-28 at Heritage Auction’s Dallas home, 3500 Maple Ave.

The ring features four football-shaped diamonds inside of a larger football shape set in a gold band. The four diamonds represent the Cowboys’ four Super Bowl championships at that time, according to the site. One side features Ford’s name, the NFL logo and a miniature Cowboys Stadium, the other says “World champions back to back” with two Lombardi trophies and the Super Bowl XXVIII logo.

The ring is described on the auction site as in “near pristine” condition, and also includes a custom wooden display box.

No price has yet been listed for this piece of history.


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