WATCH OUT! There Are Alligators On Southeast Texas Beaches

Texas has been capturing alligators all over southeast Texas, including Katy and Richmond.

Swimmers celebrating Father’s Day got more than they bargained for, capturing a 7-foot alligator swimming in Surfside Beach along the Gulf of Mexico.

“I grabbed hold of his jaws and pulled back on his head, so this other guy could rope him, tape up his mouth so he couldn’t bite me no more,” Mitchell Davis, a local told KPRC-TV.

The Texas game warden retrieved the gator and released it in the wild.

On Friday, a fisherman spotted a gator swimming eerily close to the Sylvan Beach shore. The sighting closed the beach and the sheriff’s deputies began a gator hunt, Texas Parks and Wildlife officials and lifeguards.


Wildlife experts say the recent rainfall has caused the salt content in the area to decrease. This one reason they like our coast.

Keep an eye out!


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