VIDEO: Shooter Opens Fire On The Highway That All Athletes And Fans Take To The Rio Olympics

In Rio de Janeiro, a shooter unloads on unsuspecting cars on the main road, which every athlete and visitor use to go to the Olympics this summer, according to the Daily Mail.

The road is the Red Line, Rio’s main highway and the only route into Olympic city.

The road stretches 13-miles and runs from Rio’s international airport into the city. This area is heavily controlled by drug gangs.

With just seven weeks before the Olympics begin, it looks like Rio can not clean-up the streets despite promises get rid of the crime-ridden slums and gangsters.

The gangs appear to be armed with an AR-15 gun, complete with a state-of-the-art holographic sight, which even the Brazilian army don’t possess.

There is definately a black cloud over Rio as they prepare for the Olympics. They are battling the ZIKA virus, as well as the insane crime.

I do not think this is an Olympics I would want to travel too!



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