Princess Diana’s Butler Reveals Last Words She Said To Him Before She Died

Princess Diana‘s butler of ten years, Paul Burrell, has recently opened up about the last conversation he had her before she tragically died in Paris on August 31, 1997.

Burrell revealed on Celebrity Big Brother, that prior to leaving for Paris, where she was killed in a car crash she seemed morose.

Before she left, Diana asked him, “You will be there when I get back won’t you?” in a saddened tone.

Burrell has released a tell-all book, The Way We Were:

“The true love of her life, her soul mate, was a heart surgeon called Hasnet Khan,” Burrell told ABC News. “She met him while she was visiting a friend in the Royal Brompton Hospital.

Burrell says that Khan was “the one man that could have helped her the day she died.” A few days after her car accident, Khan said he wished he could have operated on her ruptured aorta.

Burrell says Khan called him and said, “I could have saved her! I could have saved her!”



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