Lawyer Wins Red-Light Camera Lawsuit Against Richardson, Can You Get Your Money Back Too!

Russell Bowman, of Irving, is pleased after a Dallas County judge ordered the city of Richardson to dismiss a red-light camera ticket he received and pay him $27,500 in legal fees. Bowman claimed the tickets as unconstitutional.

“This thing will go up on appeal but, yes, I was very happy we won this part of the fight,” he said Wednesday.

Bowman filed the lawsuit in August 2015 after he received a ticket for running a red light at Central Expressway and Belt Line Road. His case stated that the city tried to “illegally extort” $75 from him for issuing him a red-light camera ticket.

“It just struck me as so unfair and so against our system that our country was founded on,” Bowman said.

Bowman never knew he ran the red light on Novemeber 12, 2012, until two years later when he got a letter saying he would not be able to re-register his car.

Bowman discovered, the Texas Transportation Code has state legislature that says running a red light is a criminal offense.

Although he won this battle, he does not expect the city of Richardson will take down its red-light cameras anytime soon.

“My opinion, they’re making so much money, they’ll just keep doing it,” he said.

Bowman is also involved in a class action lawsuit in Tarrant County over red-light cameras. but that case is still pending.



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