City Councilwoman Said The Dallas Police Got What They Deserved

Nevada City, California Councilwoman Reinette Senum spoke out against the murder of five Dallas police officers stating in a Facebook post that they got what they deserved.

The controversial community leader said, “[t]his was completely incited by America’s police force. They have obviously been given directives to go out there and kill.”

This statement is completely inappropriate, not to mention tasteless.

This is not the first time this ‘leader’ has spoken out against a major crisis. Senum claimed that the Orlando shootings were staged using “crisis actors.”

This is not the type of person I would want leading and making decisions for my city.

Her comments not only impact the City’s relations with local law enforcement, but the entire country.

“I used to appreciate the work Ms. Senum did for Nevada City, but this crosses this line,” said Nevada City resident Stacy Grant speaking via a Scooper telephone interview. “She was on the Union editorial boardand now she’s saying that the police brought these shootings on themselves? This is hardly behavior fitting of a civic leader. She needs to resign immediately for such reckless behavior.”




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