Woman Playing Pokemon Go Gets Locked In A Graveyard

Hilarious Video Of Woman Freaking Out After Getting Trapped In Graveyard Looking For Pokémon

The Pokémon Go game is taking over the world. The phone app uses GPS and requires players to go outside to find and catch all 151 characters, but that has gotten some people in some weird predicaments.

One women in Gainesville, Georgia got herself trapped inside a graveyard while looking for one of the characters.  The woman went into the grave yard when the gates were open, but when the woman went to leave, the gates were closed.

The woman tried to hit the button to open the gates, but the button was broken. Like being stuck all night in a graveyard wasn’t bad enough, the woman can be heard saying that she ran over a bunny trying to leave the graveyard.

The woman called the police to help her get out of the graveyard.


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