Security Camera Shows SMU Officer Swept Away By Flood

The terrible tragedy of SMU police officer Mark McCullers swept away by high water at Turtle Creek more than two weeks ago was captured on surveillance video.

The video shows the man trying to get out of his car before it goes over the ledge.

On July 5 the water level came up high enough to sweep away Mark McCullers and his car. A home security camera captured the entire tragedy.

McCullers called 911:

McCullers: It’s flooding. It’s about to go in my car.

Dispatcher: Okay, you’re in your car?

McCullers: Yeah, I’m in my car. My car is moving right now.

Dispatcher: It’s moving on its own or are you floating?

McCullers: Moving on its own.

Dispatcher: Do you need the engine over there to do a water rescue?

McCullers: Yeah, I think so. It’s getting to the point where it’s getting pretty heavy.

Dispatcher: What kind of vehicle are you in?

McCullers: Dodge Charger.

Dispatcher: What color?

McCullers: White in color.

Emergency crews responded but, by the time that they arrived, the water had already gone back down and there was no sign of McCullers or his car.

Search crews found the sedan, however, there has still been no sign of the officer. McCullers was a Marine and a father to six children.

Video Shows SMU Officer Swept Away By Flood



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