The Alamo Is Being Excavated In San Antonio

The first phase to transform the Alamo began Wednesday.

Archaeologists are digging to find the exact locations of the south and west walls of the original Alamo. After years of city development, the wall were buried. Archaeologist Nesta Anderson said excavations were done in the late 70’s but nothing since then.

“This is the pinnacle for us. This is the most significant site in Texas for most archaeologist. We want to make sure we treat the artifacts with respect, and sure we don’t miss anything. So, it can take some time but we’ve got a great team assembled who has a lot of experience,” said Anderson.

The plan is to change the Alamo and surrounding areas for tourists. The project is expected to last at least four weeks.

“This is one of the most impactful, historic site projects that our generation has seen. Compare that to what happened in Philadelphia and what they did to Independence Hall. This is on rival with that so it’s very exciting to be in the middle of it,” said Becky Dinnin, executive director of the Alamo Endowment.

The city of San Antonio has invested $17 million and the state has given $31 million for the redevelopment.

“We have a lot of learn and a long way to go, but I think it’s going to be wonderful for this city,” said Dinnin.

Who knew there were hidden walls from the Alamo.



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