Fort Worth’s Most Famous Resident Has Been Found Non-Negligent From Accident In Arlington

Oil heir, Cullen Davis was found not negligent Monday from a 2013 crash in Arlington.

Although people reference him as the ‘most famous’ resident in Fort Worth it’s not for a positive reason.

Davis was accused and acquitted of killing two people in his southwest Fort Worth mansion in 1976. The murders occurred on August 2, almost 40 years ago. Davis, was one of the richest men in the U.S. at the time and was acquitted of capital murder in the slayings of his 12-year-old stepdaughter, Andrea Wilborn, and Stan Farr, a former TCU basketball player and boyfriend of Davis’ estranged wife, Priscilla.

His new troubles come from a 2013 car accident. The lawsuit, filed by Grand Prairie resident, Jennifer McGriff said Davis was responsible for “severe and painful injuries” to her back and neck when he “failed to control his speed and collided” with her car on South Collins Street in Arlington.

Davis, 82, testified that he was driving his son to a Texas Rangers baseball game.

“I was careful,” he testified. “I drive with my foot on the brake.”

McGriff originally sought $200,000 from Davis.

On Monday, McGriff’s attorney, Jane Deleeuw, asked the jury to award her $38,000 for medical bills and up to $6,000 for mental and physical “anguish.”

The jury returned a verdict in about 20 minutes, saying he was not at fault.



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