Best Customer Service Ever! Mechanic travels 15,000 MILES to carry out 10-MINUTE repair!

What a crazy story!

The Mirror reports that a British mechanic recently took customer service to a new level by going on a 15,000 mile round trip from London to Mongolia – to carry out a 10-minute repair with a part worth around $115.

Apparently dedicated Bentley specialist William Medcalf took two flights and then drove through the desert for more than seven hours to help his stricken client, Bill Cleyndert.

Cleyndert was taking part in the Peking to Paris motor rally, which covers a distance of 8,500 miles.

More than 100 competitors travel through China, Mongolia, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland before finishing the rally in France. What is even more incredible is that some of the cars are almost 100 years old!

Unfortunately, a wheel bearing failed on Cleyndert’s 1924 Bentley Super Sports only 2 days into the journey.

With no parts available, his only hope was Mr Medcalf, who had prepared the car ahead of the 8,500 mile drive, reports The Mirror.

After sourcing the part, Medcalf traveled from West Sussex to Heathrow Airport, where he took a flight to South Korea.

From there he took another flight to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, at midnight.

The mechanic picked up a 4×4 and drove 300 miles through the night on the perilous roads of Mongolia and into the Gobi Desert.

After reaching the remote camp at 7.30am, Medcalf simply removed the wheel and replaced the bearing in a job lasting no more than 10 minutes.

The mechanic’s efforts were not in vain.

Bill ended up finishing 21st overall and fourth in his class, winning the European Cup!

Read the full story here!


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