Homeless Kids Set Up Lemonade Stand In Downtown Dallas

A group of children struggling with being homeless in Dallas set up their own lemonade stand in downtown Dallas Wednesday, to raising money for a good cause.

The kids are campers at Vogel Alcove‘s summer program. They were given the opportunity to work together and design a stand and make a recipe for their lemonade.

“These are kids that don’t often get the chance to do this type of thing, so when you see that creativity awakened, it’s a beautiful thing,” said instructor with Vogel Alcove Quamaine Carmichael.

The kids are 12 years and younger and all of them have been homeless at one point in time. Some of the children now live in shelters, others in transitional housing.

Mark Cuban, participated in the selection of the group in a “Shark Tank”-style competition.

The lemonade stand winner got to set up in front of the Bank of America Plaza, where lunchtime downtowners were eager to get a refreshing drink.

The stand raised over $600 and all proceeds go to support Vogel Alcove.

“We all used to be homeless at one point,” said camper Quinton. “Now, we’re thriving and helping our own community.”

Congratulations to the kids!

To see more about Vogel Alcove and their work click HERE



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