Gas Pumps Found With Skimmers In Dallas

Better check your credit card statements, because Dallas is the latest city to have issues with skimming devices inside gas pumps. 

There have been problems like this before, but the devices are more sophisticated than before and authorities say they can be downloaded remotely, reported by WFAA.

“They’re taking steps to make sure there’s no fingerprints on the deal by shrink wrapping,” said Lt. Tony Crawford, commander of the financial crimes unit. “They’re sophisticated. They know what they’re doing.”

Skimmers were found at an Exxon gas station at 15707 Hillcrest Road and 7650 Campbell Road, as well as at a 7-Eleven convenience store on 15050 Preston Road

The devices were found when customers complained the pumps had been freezing, so  technician was called and the devices were found.

At this time, police have no suspects and no clue how the devices were placed inside the pumps.

Authorities say it’s actually easy to access the pumps.

Turns out it’s actually pretty easy to access gas pumps, authorities say.

The Secret Service estimates that skimming costs consumers more than $3 billion each year.


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