Texas Judge Put Up Fake ‘No Parking’ Signs Near TCU To Keep Kids From Parking In His Neighborhood

If you’ve noticed no parking signs in neighborhoods around TCU‘s campus, there’s a good chance they are not there anymore.  State appeals court judge, Larry Meyers, has acknowledged that he helped install eight fake “No Parking” signs on a city street near Texas Christian University.

Signs on West Devitt Street near the south end of the TCU campus are actually fakes, said city officials on Monday.

Meyers served on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals since 1992, and said the signs were necessary because of the university and how the students park on his street in Bluebonnet Hills.

“TCU closed all its parking lots at the fraternity houses, so all the TCU kids, they won’t park where TCU told them they could park, at another garage on the north side of campus. They park on our streets,” Meyers said to the Star-Telegram.

“They just park their cars there 24 hours a day. They leave trash. It creates gigantic congestion.”

Eight signs were posted with “No parking anytime,” “Tow-away zone” and “Resident parking only.” They are mounted on metal poles, and look legit.

Meyers said he and a group of area residents installed the signs.

For more details click HERE.




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