A Woman Is Selling Her Gorgeous Wedding Dress On eBay To Pay For Her Divorce

A girls wedding day is supposed to be the best day of her life, but sometimes it’s the divorce that ends up being even better. 

For Samantha, 28, this is the case. After speaking to the Mirror Online, Samantha said her husband of 18 months left her in January after she discovered he was cheating and already living with another woman.

After the horrible discovery, she is selling her designer art deco dress on eBay to help pay for her divorce. Samantha said her ex-husband “left her to foot the bill for.” 

She described the dress as an ivory, floor-length gown that will need to be dry-cleaned before it’s worn “to get rid of the stench of betrayal.”

She continued, “I didn’t have time to get it dry-cleaned myself before my cheating scumbag of a husband decided to call an end to our marriage. Sorry that there are only two pictures but when I found out my husband was living with another woman, I pretty much burned/permanently deleted everything with his disgusting face on it! If you want a dress that is full of bad memories and shattered hopes and dreams then this is the one for you! Hope this dress brings you a lot more happiness than it brought me in the end and if not… well you can always sell it on here!

Dang, Samantha held nothing back! Check out the dress on eBay.


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