Girl Accuses Her Father Of Rape With Scenes From Fifty Shades Of Grey

I guess we know this girls favorite books!

an accusation of rape is not something that should be taken lightly, but a young girl in the UK has cried wolf, saying her dad raped her. However, it was discovered the girl made it sound like 50 Shades Of Grey and the defense busted her.

Defense barrister Cathy McCulloch said when she took the case, she was not overly optimistic. She explains:

“His daughter had given a compelling interview to the police and my client had absolutely no real defense other than ‘I did not do it.'”

Cathy continued, saying:

“The complainant’s interview was going to be really tough to crack. She had described not only what her father had allegedly done, but how her body felt as a result.”

Then someone noticed her story had some familiar sounding details:

“The only odd thing was the use of certain words, phrases and descriptions of how she felt which seemed beyond her years.”

Ms. McCulloch was able to connect the dots, remembering her client saying his daughter’s favorite book was Fifty Shades. A member of the defense team purchased a copy of the book and saw the similarities.

Once the defense had time to read and examine the book, it took only seven minutes of cross-examination for the girl to admit that she made the whole story up!

The lawyer said:

“I started my cross-examination gently to put the complainant at ease. She agreed her father was strict, and that she was really annoyed with him for “‘ruining her life’. I then went straight to my final question – that she was so angry with her father that she had made this all up. She wavered. I raised the striking similarities between her interview and the book. She suddenly broke and said I was absolutely right. She had made the whole thing up because she was angry with her father and wanted to teach him a lesson.”

Of course the Judge directed the jury to acquit and the girls father was set free.


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