Ryan Lochte May Have Lied About Being Robbed To Hide Cheating From His Girlfriend

Ryan Lochte maybe in a little trouble. Wednesday morning, the Rio police did not want Lochte to leave the country after his claims of being robbed at gunpoint, but the swim star is already out-of-there and on his way back to The United States.

Now, new information has been released that the story he was robbed at the Rio Olympics was false. 

The Olympic swimmer claimed he and teammates Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger, and Jimmy Feigen were mugged by fake cops.

Now, Brazilian jiu-jitsu master Renzo Gracie, said Lochte made up the story so he did not get caught cheating on his girlfriend Kayla Rae Reid!

In an interview with Veja, Renzo  said that an anonymous tipster who worked in the Olympic Village texted him saying that Lochte’s story was untrue.

Renzo then reached out to contacts who did security for the games. Renzo’s suspicions were confirmed when he saw security footage released by The Daily Mail, which shows Lochte laughing after the attack.

Renzo said:

“This video brings another clue that the text I received is true. They are smiling and apparently with all belongings. I do not believe this to be consistent with someone who had just been robbed, even in a country unfamiliar.”

Humm…who do you believe? Not sure if any guy would cheat on Kayla Rae Reid.


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