At Least 7 People Kidnapped In Puerto Vallarta

At least seven men were abducted from a restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on Monday. One of the men just happens to be the son of imprisoned drug cartel kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán, officials say.

According to NPR’s Carrie Kahn,  the kidnapping might be a major drug cartel rivalry.

“Jalisco state’s attorney general confirmed that 29-year-old Jesus Alfredo Guzmán, a son of Chapo Guzmán, was one of six men abducted by armed assailants in Puerto Vallarta,” Carrie says.

“The lead prosecutor also said the kidnappers are members of the New Jalisco Generation cartel, the dominant organized crime gang in the state.”


“This is the latest attack on the family of the imprisoned kingpin and may signal an open challenge to Chapo Guzmán’s Sinaloa cartel from the upstart Jalisco New Generation gang,” said Kahn.

There is speculation that Guzmán’s other son, Ivan might be one of the other six men kidnapped.

The Associated Press reported the men were kidnapped by seven heavily armed suspects:

“After reviewing security camera footage, [Jalisco state Attorney General Eduardo] Almaguer said that besides the restaurant’s staff, there were nine women and seven men dining together when the gunmen burst in early Monday.

” ‘The subjects enter, control the diners, separate the women to a side and violently take them (the men),’ he said in an interview with The Associated Press prior to the news conference. ‘They resisted; however, these criminals who arrived did it with a certain violence with long guns.’

“Almaguer said one of the men managed to escape. He said authorities also had not located any of the women who were left behind.”

At this time, their is no report of a ransom demand.



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