9-Year-Old Banned From Flying Because TSA Worried His Pacemaker Was A Bomb!

The Transportation Security Administration is under fire after Saturday at a Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport forbid a nine-year-old from flying because of his pacemaker.

Chille Bergstrom was born with Golden Hars Syndrome and has had 15 open-heart surgeries.

With all of Chille’s devices he cannot go through a typical metal detector, but when he and his mother showed up in Phoenix they were denied passing security because of his pacemaker.

Chille’s Mom Told Fox 9:

“We were told immediately by the TSA that he was not allowed to be screened alternatively and instead would need an exemption. With all the years that we’ve been flying this has never happened.”

“[I was] shocked beyond belief. In walks the head of the Department of Homeland Security for the entire airport, followed by other supervisors, and managers with ten other people from TSA.”

“And four police officers. With everything, guns, Tasers, all that, said Chille.”

Check out the rest of the story from the family HERE.



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