McKinney Students Get Stiffed By Party Bus Company

School is back in session and for many seniors they are already making preparations for the biggest dance of their life, the prom. However, one group of McKinney students who’s prom night has already come and gone are still living a nightmare from their perfect evening being messed up after their limo bus was a no-show.

“I don’t want to say it was ruined, it just kinda messed everything up,” Patrick Quintana said.

Quintana and 40 of his friends booked a limo party bus for $2,380 to help them make a grand entrance when arriving at the prom.

They booked it through world executive charter and paid with a debit card. On the night of the prom, 45 minutes before the bus was scheduled to pick up the seniors, the company called and cancelled.

“He said they were having mechanical issues with the bus and he was no longer able to pick us up,” Quintana said.

Maybe an act of fate the students jumped into separate cars and drove to the prom instead.

“Half the girls had to drive because they had bigger cars,” Noah Parker said. “It’s really not that ideal prom situation to have my date take me to the prom.”

Now the bus having issues and not making it to pick up the kids is not the problem, it’s that they bus company never refunded Quintana’s card for the mistake.

“They told me originally to give them 10 to 12 business days,” Quintana said. “After those business days were up, I contacted them again.”

Eventually he received a partial refund of $1,000, but what about the remaining $1,380?

“It’s months later and we still haven’t received a refund,” Quintana said. “It’s more frustrating than anything.”

NBC reached out to World Executive Charter, to see why the kids were never fully refunded. The company said to NBC:

“We will deal with the customer only, and ABSOLUTELY not with members of the media claiming to represent the customer. We have nothing further to say to you, and any further communication from you will be regarded as harassment.”

Quintana said, “To anyone else who wants to go through this company for their prom, don’t do it.”

The group had still not received a full refund at the time of this article.



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