TCU Shuts Down Fraternity Due To Possession Of Drugs, Guns, Alcohol And ‘Cultural’ Issues

Texas Christian University has shut down the campus chapter of the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity “for a period of time” due to  “part of the culture of the chapter,” according to school officials.

A university spokesperson told The Dallas Morning News,  some members of the Beta Theta chapter was putting others at risk.

“We had been working with the chapter to address issues concerning to the university and the national headquarters of the fraternity, but believed that our efforts were not affecting the change needed in the chapter,” the statement read.

TCU360 an online student-run site was the first to report the allegations against Phi Kappa Sigma members.

A screen shot of an email was sent to TCU360, allegedly sent by the chapter president to other members of the fraternity with details of why they are being closed.

According to one former fraternity brother the house was  “in possession of drugs, guns and alcohol.”

“We had multiple Phi Kaps dealing drugs, including a member in the house dealing some extremely hard drugs,” TCU360 said the chapter president wrote. They also were “caught hazing 2 out of the last three years,” according to TCU360.




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