Is Your iPhone Safe? Apple Just Issued A Major Update To Their Operating System

Apple has just corrected a huge weakness in their mobile operating system that was hidden behind a link in a text message.

One Apple iPhone user almost opened a text that would have destroyed his phone, but instead chose to report the message.  Ahmed Mansoor’s iPhone promised to reveal details about torture in the United Arab Emirates’ prisons if he clicked the link. 

Mansoor being a humans rights activist knew better and reported it to Citizen Lab, an internet watchdog, that exposed a secretive Israeli cyberespionage firm.

Mansoor showed screenshots of his phone to The Associated Press in hopes he “could save hundreds of people from being targets.” 

Apple Inc. responded with the speed of lightening to fix the vulnerabilities Thursday, before the reports’ were released.

Lesson here, don’t open texts from people you do not recognize.


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