Warning To All Parents, Are Your Kids Playing The Choking Game?

Parents, this is super important. If you have not heard of the choking game search “how to play choking game” online and you’ll see the deadly trend among kids.

Thousands of videos and tutorials have been posted on sites like You Tube showing kids choking each other.

It’s not totally new, but popularity is growing and making headlines again after an 11-year-old boy in South Carolina died last week after playing the “game” in his bedroom.

The game also goes by “space monkey,” “cloud nine” and “five minutes in heaven.” There are also different ways to “play” these games, the latest, called the “pass out” game, has turned up all over Snapchat and YouTube, and shows kids taking rapid deep breaths for 45 seconds until another applies pressure to their chest and they lose consciousness.

Talk to your kids about this and make sure they understand the consequences of playing this “game.”


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